Last edit: March 24, 2019 01:30:18 PM CDT List of all cheatsheets Vim Moving around H/J/K/L move cursor one character at a time w/W move forward by word b/B move backward by word 0 jump to start of line $ jump to start of line # [number] jump to line number G jump to end of the file ge jump to end of word ( ) move to previous/next sentence { } move to previous/next paragraph ctl E or ctl Y scroll up/down a line ctl D or ctl U scroll up/down a half a page ctl F or ctl B scroll up/down a page zt set current line at top of window zz set current line at center of window Insert i insert at cursor I insert at start of line a append at cursor ea append at end of word A append at end of line o start a new line below current line O start a new line above current line Editing u undo x/X delete character forward/backward dw delete word dl delete line ctl U delete all inserted characters in current line r replace character R replace characters starting at the cursor C change to the end of the line J join line with line below it :r /path/to/file insert contents of file below cursor :r! cmd insert output of command below cursor cw cut word cc cut line yy copy text into buffer p/P paste forward/backward v visual edit - aw select word - ab then {} select block wq save and exit [number] cmd perform action on X number of lines Search / [term] search forward ? [term] search backward n/N repeat search forward/backward # or * search backward or forward for word under cursor ctl g show line number Find and replace %s/termToReplace/newterm/g Temporarily drop back to the shell ! [command], e.g. ! ls -al Enable line numbers :set number Turn on syntax coloring Add “syntax on” to ~/.vimrc